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FINAL EDIT: I'm such a hypocrite lol. Well before you say anything, read my latest journal on my new account! And my new account is: KnotTheOwls
again, read the journal i posted on that account! ^^ the links in this  journal are still valid though c:
EDIT2: okay the comic account was finally created XD watch that account if you want to be updated on the comic, 'cause I won't be updating about the comic on this account (this account is practically dead lol) o3o
EDIT: i created a tumblr account :D the link to it is in the information section of the journal (in bold) ask me questions! c:
My previous journal was a little too crazy/informal, so here's the last journal I'll be posting and clarifying what's going on:
I'll be on a long Hiatus (for at the least 4 or 5 months).
Meaning yes, I will eventually come back.
But things will probably be different. As in, I will probably start off posting a ton of traditional art when i get back. And I won't spend much time on digital art.
Not doing digital art = animating instead.
soooo yeah. I'll be spending a lot more of my time animating during my hiatus and even after I've come back to dA.
and like i said before, while im on my hiatus I'll still be drawing. (traditionally of course)
I'm still not sure if when i come back i will either come back to this account or make a completely new account.

I will be making another dA account in a about a month for a comic. Once I make it, I'll post a link to it here.
No, I won't be posting anything other then the comic there. I probably wont even reply to comments, and if i do, my reply to any comment would be about the comic. So even if you're my friend, I won't be replying to you if its personal. sorry :c but we can still chat about whatever on any of my other accounts! :)
I will also be making a Tumblr and FA account.
Annddd I'll be making a tapastic account for the comic also.
The only reason I'll be coming back to dA from now on will be to update this journal with the links to my accounts on other websites.
Here's the section I will be updating:

My Tumblr account:
My Youtube account:…
My FurAffinity account: [account not made yet] (I lied. I'm not making an FA account sorry =w=)
My Tapastic account: [account not made yet]
My friend and I's dA comic account: InfectiousCountdown

Yes, I will eventually create all of these accounts. No, I do not know when.
Sorry if I seem angry in this journal; Like I've said in previous journals about this whole situation, I'm not really that mad or anything :D I just think i need a break from dA c:
Until then, goodbye!!
I want to give a shout-out to all of my amazing friends here on dA! Those of which are:
Prototvpe, CALLYKITTY, Flawlo, Freezingsteelmurder, bubblymaika, and Steampunk-Stopwatch
And to the two people who are unfortuanately not on dA anymore:
JustPretendForever and the-snow-fox

I hope I can still contact you all while I'm on hiatus :noes:

If I didn't say your username, it just means we probably didn't talk to each other a lot or haven't known each other for a while.

I will stop going to dA and replying to the comments on this journal after the next week. (since i want to be able to reply to everyone)

Don't forget to tell my if you have any accounts on the websites that I will be joining, so I can add you :la:
Bye for now! ^^

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